Geraldine Payne

Geraldine Marie Payne (Gerry), age 95 passed away on March 10, 2019. Born on Februsry 18th, 1924, she grew up near E.116th and Miles Ave on Cleveland’s eastside in a multigenerational home. She later moved to the westside near Fairview Hospital where she worked until her retirement.

Gerry was av avid traveler even before she worked as a travel agent, visiting Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Canada and California when Disneyland first opened. Gerry also loved playing the piano and was an accompanist for the Independence children’s chorus in the late 1950’s and for the Sweet Adelinesin in the 1970’s.

No celebration of Gerry would be complete without acknowledging her role as favorite aunt and cousin. Gerry was a prankster and family get-togethers in Twin Lakes with her great aunt Nellie Hawkins and the Gleason cousins always had an element of mischief. For her nieces and nephews, weekends in the Miles Ave house were an adventure away from parental supervision: staying up late to watch TV, snaks like potato chips and pop, after dinner ice cream trips, exploring the 4 story house and 3 barns.

Gerry was preceded in death by her parents Clifford and Colletta (Nugent) Payne, brothers Clifford A. Payne(Kathryn) and Finley B. Payne (Lillian) and a nephew Gary Robert Payne. Gerry is survived by 5 nieces and nephews, 8 great nieces and nephews and 16 great-nieces and nephews.

Memorial Mass Saturday May 18th at 8AM at St. Mary of the Falls Church 25615 Bagley Rd.